Design for a positive impact

Its mighty nice to meet you

Mighty is the multi-disciplinary design and branding studio led by Monica Hernandez. Monica is a designer with a passion for visual storytelling. As a former design director at Tomorrow Partners, she led teams to reimagine everything from a brand’s identity to its heart and soul. With dual degrees in Sociology and Graphic Design, she marries a passion for social justice with a keen understanding of design’s transformative power. Her work has been recognized by Communication Arts, Graphis, HOW, and Sappi Ideas that Matter. When she is not designing, you’ll find her traveling through Europe, supporting her local soccer team, or curling in competitive tournaments.

Together we are mighty

Mighty works across disciplines to create work that transforms brands, grows businesses and improves people’s lives. Each project and process is shaped around the needs of the client. We believe the best results come from collaboration, thoughtfulness and trust. We have managed clients both large and small. Take a look at our work to see projects that got results.

Brand Identity

We know that a brand is more than a beautiful mark. So, our process is grounded in thoughtfulness and craft and with the aim to differentiate our client's from the competition to make a lasting impression.

Identity systems
Brand guidelines
Brand books


Brand Experience

This is where everything comes together. By combining visuals and narrative we create the entry-point for an audience to connect with a brand in a cohesive and consistent manner.


I have worked with some mighty great brands


Let’s work together

If you’d like to chat about a project or just say ‘hi’, please get in touch.


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